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Start-Up Law

Start-Up Law is a very broad and innovative branch of law covering many branches of law.

Although it is not a regulation on its own, the development and establishment of Start-Ups are regulated by the meeting of many laws such as the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law of Obligations, the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, the Law on the Regulation of E-Commerce.  

Although the idea that law is cumbersome in many issues in our society, it is clear that services such as preventive advocacy are the biggest supporters and companions of start-ups or other commercial ventures, which are especially at the forefront.  

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Difference Between Start-Up and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and start-up, which are popular concepts in today's business world, are often confused with each other.


Start-Up Terms You Will Often Hear From Investors or Mentors

I brought together the most used terms in the start-up world. Let's take a closer look at them together.


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