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Our office not only provides services for all the needs of a normal (offline) commercial enterprise, but also operates in a wide variety of subjects in e-commerce. Our lawyers offer special services for new enterprises that are engaged in electronic publishing, social media platforms, electronic advertisement and advertising activities, electronic entertainment software and game platforms, internet software, electronic goods and services trade and other similar activities on the Internet, or that are intended to be established to operate in these areas. offers services.

Some of these services include the structuring and financing of companies that will operate on the Internet, confidential (viral) and open advertising on the Internet, system security, preparation of distance purchase-sale contract samples, establishment of subscription systems, protection of consumer rights, copyright and intellectual and industrial rights on the Internet. Establishing a legal infrastructure for use on the Internet, creating confirmation systems for the protection of personal data and use of personal information, combating tortious acts (hacking) against personal or corporate systems, domain name and service provider It includes issues such as providing legal support to acquisition transactions, measures against access blocking decisions and implementation of decisions, planning for infrastructure services and standards and other similar issues, preparation of type contracts, resolution of disputes.

In addition, our lawyers transfer, use or lease any value bearing intellectual and industrial property, including special cases within the scope of e-commerce sites , e-publishers, social media sites, e-advertisers and other e-businesses operating on the internet, and They also provide legal consultancy services on all transactions with similar elements, licensing and resolving copyright issues.

Our office can also provide legal support to investors and operators on issues such as private venture capital and financing, angel and equity investments, establishment of joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, determination of special entry and exit details for investors and establishment of legal infrastructure, and taxation of commercial activities carried out over the internet. .

Our lawyers also provide legal consultancy and representation services regarding insults, threats, defamation, slander, unfair competition, copyright infringement, identity theft and similar crimes, misdemeanors or unfair acts committed over the internet, including the use of social media.

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