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We provide sector-oriented strategic legal consultancy services, including structuring processes, to local and foreign investors in company mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, venture capital investments, leveraged buyouts, asset, workplace and share transfers, public company takeovers. It carries out projects related to the mentioned transactions from beginning to end, and within this framework, it carries out detailed due diligence for managers, preparation and negotiation of contracts, approval of the Competition Authority and regulatory institutions, mandatory takeover bid, compliance with corporate governance principles, and all CMB legislation processes. We provide services such as realization, HR structuring and post-handover commercial contract templates.

We have experience in corporate agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, preparation and negotiation of agreements in general, exit strategies, control mechanisms and protection of minority rights, especially transactions in regulated markets. We also advise on the regulatory aspects of each stage of these transactions.

To our clients from different sectors, sector-oriented and in all areas related to their normal daily activities, and especially from a commercial point of view, about the preparation and negotiation of all kinds of contracts, including distributorship, joint marketing, joint promotion, purchase and sale, license, supply, franchise, transportation, management contracts. We provide advice and support.

We get to know different sectors, especially health, insurance, technology, media and telecommunications, energy, real estate and construction, food and beverage, automotive sectors, and provide sector-specific legal services.

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