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Lawyer-client relations are based on mutual trust. M&A Law and Consultancy, with the awareness that law and the profession of attorneyship are the most important assurance mechanism for the freedom of seeking rights in the 21st century, shows sensitivity to the basic professional principles between the lawyer and the client.

While continuing our freelance legal services in Istanbul between 2015-2020 and in Bursa since 2020, he took an active role in Istanbul and Bursa Bar Association CMK Service and Legal Aid Office, as well as being a member of various non-governmental organizations in law. we carried out the work.

As we continue our studies, “Learning has no end.” With the motto of completing our Master's and language education, we regularly follow daily developments and new laws-regulations in order to keep up with today's changing conditions.

As M&A Law and Consultancy, we operate in many fields, especially in E-commerce Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Law of Contracts, Enforcement-Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Corporate Law and Real Estate Law.

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